Our Wedding Experience

At the heart of everything we do is your story.  We look for the little details that make you light up when you are with each other.  From the way he caught your eye across the crowded room on the day that you met, to the playful inside jokes he uses to always make you laugh, to the way your hand fits seamlessly inside his during the quiet moments, we strive to honor the intimate experiences that make your love story one-of-a-kind.

We understand time is our most treasured resource because it’s one of the few, if not only, resources you can never get more of.  We want you to soak in every moment of your day – From the moment you put on your wedding dress, to the moment when you see your fiance for the first time, to your dance with your father, and everything in between.  You will only have one wedding day – with that in mind, our goal is to make the best use of your time, while creating a truly remarkable experience for you and your family from start to finish.  

You Deserve the Best!

Our relational approach to wedding planning starts by getting to know our brides and grooms on an intimate level.  We strive to celebrate the start of your marriage with meaningful details that will create lifelong memories, and this approach allows us to plan and design your wedding with intentionality and purpose.

Throughout the planning process we will use your story as the foundation of your wedding planning journey to craft a unique and custom experience or you and your guests.  At every touch point along the way, we are committed to investing in your day wholeheartedly.  Our custom online planning tool serves as a home-base during the planning process and keeps our brides organized and on track.  Our tools and resources are designed to take the stress out of planning and meet our brides right where they are in their planning journey: complete with to-do lists, calendar, budget tool, guest tracker, and online design boards – paving the way for inspired, creative, organized planning, every step of the way!


Miss Simple

Miss Design2

Miss Detailed

Miss Cultural


Bookings & Investment

At Tara Nicole Weddings, we believe that your wedding should reflect the heart of your relationship, highlighting the heartfelt details and one-of-a-kind experiences that lead to lifelong memories. No two weddings are alike, and we strive to create customized offerings that reflect the needs of each couple. We are a full service wedding planning team specializing in luxury celebrations, and are Indianapolis’ premier team specializing in Indian and South Asian weddings.

We want to hear how he swept you off your feet, how joyful tears filled your eyes when he proposed, and how we can serve you as you celebrate the relationships that matter most!  We are wholeheartedly dedicated to serving each client to the best of our ability, weaving in the logistics, designs and execution to create your dream celebration.  With this in mind, our team accepts a limited number of events each month. Collections begin at $2,500.

To start the conversation about creating your dream wedding day, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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