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As the creative heart behind Tara Nicole Weddings, I love planning and designing beautiful spaces; but more importantly I love the people this business brings in to my life. There is something so intimate and special about not only being by your side the entire time on your wedding day, but also designing and planning each detail of the day as well.  It’s such an honor to play such a vital role in one of the greatest days of your life! People and relationships are my ultimate purpose. This is why our philosophy has centered on giving you the best wedding experience and service possible; because I know how important this day is to you.


When I got married, I was a busy professional, who made what I now realize, was the greatest regret: I attempted to plan my wedding alone (I was a planner for goodness sake, Type A, knew everything…. of course I could do this… wrong!) Even with my iron-clad timeline and hard-fought planning, my wedding day had unavoidable mishap after mishap and no one was there to help me, but me.  I found myself spending time making decisions I didn’t want to make, putting out fires all throughout the day, when I just really wanted to be relaxing with my girlfriends and dancing with my husband on the dance floor. Because of this experience, I realized there are just some things that I will not do you the disservice of allowing on your wedding day.


Your planning shouldn’t bring anxiety. I want you to treasure your engagement, not feel like all you’re doing is researching and working. You should enjoy your time with your friends and family throughout the planning and on wedding day. I want you to have a wedding design that exudes your personalities and is a once in a lifetime experience you will treasure forever.  Last but not least, you deserve to relax so you can be yourself and soak in every moment of your wedding day.  We have designed Our Wedding Experience to give you just that!

Tara Nicole Weddings & Events is a wedding and event planning team based in Indianapolis, IN.  We help busy professional couples who are overwhelmed with planning, or don’t know where to start, to plan a highly personalized wedding without putting their life or career on hold.  As your planner, we dig deep to really connect with you and understand your vision so you will always feel like a priority.  At Tara Nicole Weddings and Events, you are more than a client – you become part of our family. 

When Not Planning a Wedding

When I am not planning a wedding

With my crazy schedule, I make sure to save time to spend with my amazingly supportive husband, Jimmy and my beautiful daughter Alessandra (Ali). We are constantly doing home improvement projects and watching HGTV (Fixer Upper). My happy place is in church. It’s here where I do my best thinking, refocus, and get centered back on what really matters in life. I put God first in my personal life and my business, and I believe with Him, all things are possible.

Favorite Part About a Wedding

Favorite part of weddingI love being a part of the whole planning and creative process. But my favorite part about a wedding is bringing together all the design elements with personal details of the Bride and Groom. As for the wedding day, it will always be the moment right before the bride walks down the aisle – it gets me every time!




My Other Role in Life

My Other Role in Life (1)Life as a mom is busy! Feeding schedules, nap schedules, doctors’ appointments, play time, bath time, and the list goes on! It is a juggling act and there is no quiet or down time. But this little girl’s smile melts my heart every single day! She has taught me to live in the moment and cherish the little things. I love her to pieces and I love being her momma!



Fun Facts

Fun Facts Image (1)I cherish Holiday traditions, winters snuggled up by the fire with my favorite blanket and quality time with my little family. I am obsessed with Kate Middleton’s wardrobe! I love (and hate) Pinterest – there are just too many ideas! Coffee is a must and football season is intense in our house with fantasy football. Go Colts! I do not like any fruits and I am pretty picky with my veggies – I am a meat and potato kind of girl with a weak spot for a good cheeseburger.

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