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An elevated wedding planning experience for couples who want to honor tradition but are not afraid to create their own.

The hard part is knowing which path to take. After 11 years of experience and over 200+ weddings executed, we understand firsthand how overwhelming planning an Indian wedding can be. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we're the planners you can count on to show up, do the hard work, and negotiate with your vendors to ensure you get the best use of your money. 

With over 500 languages and 6,000 dialects, we understand Indian weddings are incredibly complex and logistically challenging. They involve more planning, research, family members, and a higher level of expertise. You want to "wow" your guests. We get it. Our goal is to plan, design, and execute a wedding showcasing your unique style, customs, rituals, that will leave your guests feeling appreciated and included.

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Tara helped us for our Indian wedding and was absolutely invaluable. We received so many compliments from our guests about how smooth and organized the wedding day was for them, all thanks to Tara. She is patient, professional, and a natural at her job, and you should go hire her now!


"I didn't believe this before, but every bride needs a planner!"

I'm Tara, your new BFF & family mediator.

I first started planning Indian weddings in 2014 when a sorority sister reached out to me to help make her 500 person Indian wedding run on time. Talk about a challenge! I quickly fell in love with every aspect of the Indian culture and the logistical challenges each event brought. Now, we are a nationally-recognized planning company known for our refined sense of style, exceptional service, and deep understanding of combining South Asian traditions with American culture. 

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Every Indian wedding is different and therefore we do not have set packages.  Instead, we customize our planning service to make sure your wedding is not only beautiful and meaningful but also meets yours exact needs and showcases a sense of inclusion and respect for your families and cultural traditions. So whether you’re looking for help from the very beginning, needing assistance mid-way through, or just hiring someone to hand over the plans before the big day, we'll create the perfect service for you.

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"She made the entire process manageable & fun!"

Tara had the challenge of putting together a fully Hindu, fully Christian, 3 day event with a 500-person guest list. Tara took the time to get to know us, our parents, and our working styles. In doing so, she came to understand our dreams for the day and how to best make the wedding weekend a success. In addition to working with us, Tara managed a large team of other vendors, from designers and musicians to food trucks and caterers. Our wedding would not have been as organized and polished without Tara’s efforts. 

You get to relax and enjoy your wedding day. Our team will handle the rest. 

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You get your dream wedding, designed to fit your personality and will have your guests talking about how amazing it was for years to come! 

You get your time back! No more sleepless nights, what-ifs, or spending hours on Pinterest. We will take care of all the details and tell you exactly what to do and when so you'll never have to question another wedding planning decision! 

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"Tara & her team should really be called the dream team."

I had a massive Indian wedding complete with 4 events over 3 days with 500 guests. Tara's team successfully managed all the moving pieces of the wedding flawlessly. Her detailed nature and affectionate attitude allowed for successful coordination with all my vendors. Most importantly, my mom and sister were able to enjoy themselves fully on my wedding day. Tara and her team were truly invaluable to me during the most important time in my life!


As your right-hand wedding planning team, we take a 360 degree view and craft a custom plan just for you. From elegant to exotic, neutrals to bold colors - No vision is too grand! You can rest easy knowing you have a team of wedding planning experts who care about the same thing you care about: Creating a significant experience for you and your guests. Just as important as the work we do is the relationship we build with our clients. Through frequent check-ins, our unique approach to planning, and constant refinement of your event, we make sure all the pieces of the planning process fit together and reflect your personal vision.

Sound like a dream?

"We love working with Tara and wish all of our weddings had a planner like her."

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If you're looking for an experienced Indian wedding planner with a well-organized and executed process, you're in luck. Let's schedule a consultation and see if this is the right fit.

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