Based in Indianapolis, I am a wife, mom to 2 sweet girls, and an avid home decorator.  A true believer in grace, relationships and beautiful weddings, my mission is to create a life I love to live every single day. From bridal tips to business to weddings - this blog is designed to educate brides and encourage other busy mamas (and businesswomen) to make a living from their dream without giving up what matters most.

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    Why Community is so Important as a Small Business Owner

    Around the Office

    Connecting with people has been the heart behind Tara Nicole Weddings from the beginning. And now we are taking it to the next level – we are finally launching our newsletter today! We will be sharing a sneak peek at what we are up to this year, an inside look into our design process, and the truth behind wedding planning! 


    Community has been such an important factor in our business over the years! Our relationships with clients and vendors have turned into rich friendships, helping others build their businesses while entering motherhood, and giving our clients an experience to allow them to embrace and enjoy their engagement! I absolutely LOVE my job and we are working on some really great projects to encourage and inspire our brides, past brides, business entrepreneurs, and our vendors. We can’t wait to share them all with you!

    Photographers everywhere have already embraced the idea of community.  They absolutely love each other and are each other’s cheerleaders when going full time, launching a new product, or even when they get featured!  Competition doesn’t even cross their mind.  Movements like “Pursuit Community,” “The Rising Tide Society,” “The Goaldigger Podcast,” and countless other workshops/conferences were all started by photographers to create an industry where everyone encourages one another to chase their dreams.  It’s time for the rest of us to take note, jump on board, and make some positive changes for our business.

    First, let’s remember there are two ends to this spectrum: one end thinks it is crazy to befriend someone who is considered “competition”, while the other end embraces friendships among their peers and professionals across the country.  You will find me on the side that embraces friendships among my peers and other industry professionals.  Here’s why…

    We all need someone to talk to:

    Belonging to a community gives you a group of people who understand what you are going through. I love my husband, and he tries so very hard to understand what I am struggling with, give me advice, or even go as far as to make a suggestion. But he just doesn’t understand what it is like to run a small business sometimes.  As business owners, we are wearing ALL the hats and it can be extremely overwhelming.  Why should we have to go through it alone?  Well, I don’t think we should.  Your peers understand the highs, the lows, and the in between.  They are people you can bounce business and personal ideas off of, get advice, or even be mentored from.  It builds the foundation for better business practices and lasting friendships so close; they are like family.  And who wouldn’t want to have a family full of best friends?

    A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle:

    I don’t think there could be a better analogy out there. I mean think about it: If a candle lights another candle, the outcome doesn’t hurt the candle – it produces more light!  By encouraging and lifting each other up, we produce more positive energy within the industry. Celebrate each other! Her success does not equal your failure. We have all been given different gifts and talents and there are plenty of people in the world to serve so that we don’t have to play the comparison game. Comparison is the thief of joy and ultimately takes the happiness out of doing this job we love so much!

    Networking and the built in Plan B:

    It goes without saying that by being in a community, you will be building your network.  But why would it be important to have a network of professionals providing the same service you are?  It opens doors.  It also is a built in Plan B.

    Let’s start with it opens doors.  We can’t take every bride, all the time. That is just reality, and if you think differently, you are only hurting yourself.  By sending brides referrals of other planners when you are booked, shows that you are well connected and respected within the industry.  It will also come back to you.

    Having a built in Plan B is crucial and necessary.  Life happens, and when it does, who will you call that knows the ins and outs of what you do, is well experienced, and who you trust?  For example, I had a sweet planner friend call me because her associate planner took a new job and couldn’t work the wedding she was already booked for.  I mean, life happens, right?  I was happy to help her out, and I know she would do the same for me. But what if we didn’t have that connection?  Our clients are far too precious to just hand over to anyone, so building your network is never a bad thing.

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